GPSM PRO - Storyboarding, Interface Design and Art Direction Services for Mobile Apps and Locative Storytelling.

in the fields of Paleontology, Cosmology, Prehistory, History & Art

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We want your project to be up to date and we're tracking online the most creative locative projects which push the limits of Locative Storytelling and Mobile Learning, combining interactive images, videos, texts and sounds with the GPS geolocation techniques. Check our website where we share great inspiring references.
  • Last projects

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    launch: 2016-04

    We collaborated with the Soundwalk Collective and Francisco López in the creation of the locative interactive 3D sound composition Jungle-ized in Times Square.

    Available through the JUNGLE-IZED LITE or full JUNGLE-IZED mobile app, the virtual soundscape is composed by Soundwalk Collective and features Amazon rainforest sound environments.

    Deep Time Walk

    launch: 2016-06

    We are collaborating with the Schumacher College in England, the cradle of the Gaia theory, with the scientist Stephan Harding. We are creating probably the first Walking Audio Book of all times called Deep Time Walk. It’s a project leaded by Geoff Ainscow. Art Direction by the GPS Museum Lab.

    Deep Time Walk 1.0 will launch for iOS in November 2016.

    Last technology: CGEOMAP

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    We conceived CGEOMAP as a collaborative environment for the creation of low cost locative web apps for Smartphone.


  • Video Storyboarding for mobile apps

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    Would you like to communicate clearly the concept of your app to your clients, designers and programmers? We create motion graphics storyboards using After Affects, showing exactly what you will get.
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  • Interface Design for Mobile apps [+]

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    A good design is a compromise between clear information and a very good look.  We believe a good smartphone design enhances your contents with a minimum of effort and a clear, light and simple appearance.
  • Art Direction for Mobile Apps [+]

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    Big History Apps

    Mobile Learning is a powerful new way to teach and learn and we make apps for scientists theaching our history from a cosmic perspective starting from the Big Bang until today. Looking for information around Big History and Mobile Learning ? Have a look at what we do now on the website
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    Walking Audio Books

    A Walking Audio Book is a simple idea to link the progression of a story with the progression of the walk by converting our steps in space and/or time value. The body and the mind are interconnected for a deep embodied listening process. Check the Deep Time Walk website.
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Creative apps

We promote the use of smartphones to unlock the experience of Big History by activating all your senses and intuition with the embodied knowledge of who you are.  The Walk Through Time is a 4600 million year walk where each step represents a million years!

Available through the JUNGLE-IZED LITE or full JUNGLE-IZED mobile app, the virtual soundscape features Amazon rainforest sound environments in Times Square.

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The CBR app will let you explore the Cosmic background radiation with the camera in your mobile phone. Based on a original concept of Epiphany app from Rich Blundell, you are guided into the exploration of light for a better understanding of our universe. Visit webstie for more information.

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